Customers and the customers' environment change so quickly that keeping up with the pace of change requires a Passion-driven approach. We believe that in the long term a mission statement impairs effective customer-centric leadership.

The drivers for our Passion are displayed below; the "soul" of Customer Touch.


Our approach is a cyclical process of Observe, Sense, Evolve, (instead of analyse, think, act).

Value Awareness

All interactions between the organisation and customer should be based on value awareness.


"Innovation is all about being different in a way customers love." It is not always about the latest insights, but above all about being different, i.e. a positive different-
iation of from the competitionors.


The speed of change is increasing, whereas the life cycle of products and services is decreasing.
Definition of momentum: promising situation that is short- lived.


Being passionate:

  1. intrinsically motivated
  2. skill over experience
  3. chameleonic & flexible attitude

Visual world

We believe in a visual world and visual communication.

Talent development

Using the "Cirkel van Talent", we support management and employees in fostering and developing individual talents.


Strive after conceptual simplicity: “One”.


Customer-centric organisations add a Chief Conversations Officer to the board.

Customer Experience

The entire organisation affects the customer experience;
all departments, and officers should take their responsibility.

Dialog directors

Customer Touch does not have Customer service representatives, we employ dialogue directors instead.

Value driven conversations

We do not believe in CSAT (customer satisfaction) but in optimising customer interactions (OCC4U).

Meet our Team


Michiel van Omme

Versterk je organisatie door de echo van het merk in customer service te laten weerklinken.

Customer Touch is a network organisation with partners in Customer Service, Business Process Outsourcing and Customer Service Solutions providers.
Starting in January 2017 with a Custainer Campaign and a few new partners.


Our Services

Customer Touch, about: connecting customers, employee passion, (customer) experience and marketing.


A tailor-made branded environment, and fully equipped customer service lab for controlled, and high- end experiments in customer service.

See Custainer for more information.


Customer Touch is a licenced practisoner of the "Cirkel van Talent".

By using this method, we enable organisations to develop the best talent in a passion-inspiring environment

Cirkel van Talent


Customer service is a major, but often forgotten contributor to brand perception. Do you customise your service to fit the brand identity, or do you customise your brand experience to fit service delivery?
(Re)connect marketing with your customer service: Customer Touch.

C4 Challenge

Customer Touch's C4 is a programm for challening your customer service interactions

Transparent and concrete evaluation of strengths and weaknesses in your brands customer perception.

Leaflet C4

Our Partners

Here are just a few of the awesome organisations we collaborate with